HydroStream and HydroBurst, the patented airlift devices developed and manufactured by Aqua Hill Aeration Inc., have revolutionized airlift technology for use in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), ponds, hydroponics, aquaponics, and waste water treatment. We offer 5 different units to meet your various need: both in-tank, dry land, and floating.


Without the use of pumps or impellers, Aqua Hill Aeration’s devices allow for the movement of water with high volume lift and aeration at a low cost. With no moving parts, these devices are non-clogging and require virtually no maintenance.



Using low energy blowers, these devices give you the ability to lift water and waste and to oxygenate, de-gas, pump, and filter. Because these devices pump and oxygenate at such a high volume, the entire water column gets oxygenated. They also contribute to pH control and limit evaporation.


Aqua Hill Aeration’s devices will change the landscape of sustainable aquaculture and allow producers to grow and provide their products at competitive market prices.


The energy efficiency and ease of operation of Aqua Hill Aeration’s new devices is unmatched in the aeration industry. With Aqua Hill Aeration’s patented aeration devices, there is no limit to the potential for sustainable aquaculture and more.






HydroBurst CC 960

Lift: 1" ←→ 12" (above water surface)
GPM: 1500←→1275 Gallons/Min
Aeration Efficiency: 2lbs of O2/hr
​CFM: 40 (size blower pressure to depth)

HydroStream HH 223

Lift: 1" ←→ 12" (above water surface)
GPM: 750 ←→ 650 Gallons/Min
Aeration Efficiency: 1.5lbs of O2/hr
CFM: 40 (size blower pressure to depth)
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