How It Works

HydroBurst And HydroStream Technology

Aqua Hill Aeration Inc. patented HydroBurst and HydroStream technology uses a low-horsepower regenerative blower to inject air into a submerged chamber producing nano-bubbles which oxygenate and de-gas the water as it is lifted to the surface where its recirculated at high volumes. The HydroStream oxygenates and produces water flow in the same way as the HydroBurst but in an elongated configuration.

HydroBursts and HydroStreams are non-clogging, contain no moving parts, require no maintenance and the HDPE (high density polyethylene) construction makes it highly durable, resistant to weather, sunlight, calcification and is inert in water.

Benefits of HydroBurst and HydroStream

  • Flows large volume of water with low energy consumption
  • Higher and healthier yields
  • Accelerated rate of oxygenation
  • Degasses CO2
  • Improved FCR (feed conversion Ratio)
  • Less splashing on water surface leads to more stable temperature and PH and less evaporation
  • Stable in all weather conditions
  • No harm to animals in water
  • Blower located on shore
  • Oxygenates entire water column
  • Constructed of HDPE which does not corrode or calcify and is inert in water
  • Oxygen stays in solution for long periods of time due to smaller bubble size
  • No oxygen dead zones throughout body of water
  • Does not disturb earthen pond/lake bottoms
  • No replacement parts needed over course of its life cycle
  • No assembly
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Average lifespan is indefinite with normal use
  • No electric cords in water (no electrocution risk)
  • No moving parts
  • Non-clogging and self-cleaning