HydroBurst IT CC 960


HydroBurst IT CC 960

The HydroBurst IT CC 960 gives you the ability to lift water and waste, oxygenate, de-gas, pump, and filter. Because this device pumps and oxygenates at such a high volume, the entire water column gets re-circulated and oxygenated.

The HydroBurst IT CC 960 can be utilized in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), ponds, hydroponics, aquaponics, and waste water treatment.

With no moving parts, this device is non-clogging and requires virtually no maintenance. The energy efficiency and ease of operation is unmatched in the aeration industry.

Lift:       1″  ←→   12″ Dimensions: 44″ W x 32″ H
GPM: 1500 ←→ 1275 Outlet: 8 inches
Aeration Eff.: 2lbs of O2/hr Air Intake: 2 inches
CFM: 40​ Install Type: In Tank

Requirements & What’s Included


1 – HydroBurst IT CC 960

8 – 25 pound weights (includes ropes with handles)


1 – 8 inch Fernco coupling

1 – 8 inch pipe with 8 inch 90 degree elbow attached

1 – Roll of Teflon tape

1 – Male quick connect with female threaded (NPT) to connect to device (preferably 90 degree)

2 – Female barbed quick connects to attach to 2 inch hose

1 – 2 inch hose to connect device to blower (length will vary)

1 – Male quick connect to connect hose to blower

1 – Blower with ball valve to control air flow (suggested)

Assembly and Informational Video


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