Floating HydroBurst CC 960

The Floating HydroBurst CC960 gives you the ability to lift water and waste, oxygenate, de-gas, pump, and filter. Because this device pumps and oxygenates at such a high volume, the entire water column gets re-circulated and oxygenated.

The Floating HydroBurst CC960 can be utilized in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), ponds, hydroponics, aquaponics, and waste water treatment.

With no moving parts, this device is non-clogging and requires virtually no maintenance. The energy efficiency and ease of operation is unmatched in the aeration industry.

Technical Specifications:

Lift: 1" ←→ 12"

GPM: 1500 ←→ 1200

Aeration Eff: 2lbs of O₂/hr

CFM: 80-110

Dimensions: 52" W x 38" H

Outlet: 10 in.

Air Intake: 2 in.

Install Type: Floating

Assembly and Informational Video